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For more information about the NACCU Core Competencies, click on this link: NACCU Core Competencies

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Administration and Operations
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Audio Visual Equipment - All Presentation rooms will be provided with a standard AV package that includes:
*Lavalier Microphone
*Projection Screen
*LCD projector with cabling for a laptop **Audio connection if requested

I understand that I must provide my own laptop.
* Will you be playing a video and need an audio connection?  (Mic and speakers are already provided)
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If you need equipment other than the standard package listed above, please list below. Note - we try to schedule special request sessions in the same room to minimize costs and allow the contract A/V staff to function efficiently. Example: Sessions featuring multiple presenters who each need a microphone are scheduled months in advance for the same room in back-to-back time slots. Please make your request NOW so that we may remain efficient, cost effective and provide you with the best possible speaking venue. Thank you!
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